Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Golden" Investigator

Dear Everyone!

So my big update is going to be a little shorter this week, sorry about that! Just some highlights! First of all scripture study is fantastic! Everyone needs to take their questions to the scriptures, because more often than not there's an answer just waiting there and promises you didn't know existed! I have had so many scriptures speak to me this week, a lot in the book of Mosiah actually...

Anyway! We have this "golden" (as my mom would put it) investigator who is on track to be baptized. He's so awesome! He quit smoking and drinking coffee after the first time he came to one even told him to! So when we taught the word of wisdom he was already 3 weeks clean! So awesome! I know that the Lord prepared him for us to teach him.

We have a couple other investigators with baptismal dates, but one has a W.O.W. problem we're trying to work with, and the other doesn't have means of transportation to get to church! We pray for them always. Remember that same family that I talked about last week, where I got to bear my testimony in English? Yeah, we taught them like an hour and a half lesson this week. It’s so nice to be able to teach in English, even if it is once a week. The spirit was strong, and I hope they accept our invitation to pray to know the truth.

Um what else...On Friday we got to help some elders’ move, which was fun! We got to take a road trip of sorts because their area is far away.

 Anyway, it’s great to be in the service of the Lord! It's great to have his spirit! All we need to do is pray to have it, and do the best we can! I'm so blessed to be a missionary!

Lots of love from the Philippines!
Brandon studying Tagalog!

--Elder Christensen

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