Monday, March 3, 2014

Staying in Tarlac and training a new missionary!

Brandon was super busy during his email time showing his trainee how to do reports, so he didn’t have much time left to send his weekly email.  But this is what he was able to send:

 Sorry I don't think I have time for a weekly update this week, I'm just running out of time!!! Here's a quick update:  I was sick in bed all Sunday afternoon, Monday, and Tuesday, but I was back at it by Wednesday. Both me and Sister Thomas, my batchmate and good friend from the MTC, are training so that's fun! My new companion is Elder Antoni, from Leyte. Yeah, that's where the typhoon hit, and his family's house was damaged pretty good, but they were all ok. He is 26! He’s a child of record, raised by his grandparents. He's super nice; he's having a bit of a rough time, which I totally get. He's super nice and super humble, and very go with the flow chill. He's going to be a great missionary, I know it! I've loved companions, but I've never cared so much for a companion you know?
Brandon and his trainee: Elder Antoni
Brandon and Elder Antoni at a dinner appointment

 Well, we have three baptisms on the 22nd, so that's exciting! Wilma, Andrew, and Sonny Layug! The Layug Family. Wilma is in her 50's, Andrew is late 20's and just had his wife leave him...and Sonny is 18.  They're super solid. So the story with them is we had an OYM (street contact) on the porch of a house full of teenage and twenty something girls. Yeah, my companion led that one.  I didn't want to deal with that, because I knew they weren't calling us over to hear the gospel. Anyways, we went back there to teach the next lesson and Sister Wilma, their neighbor across the street, was there. We reviewed lesson one and she practically begged us to teach her and whoever of her kids would listen. So, we set the return appointment, we met her sons Andrew and Sonny, and they've just been awesome! Avidly reading the Book of Mormon, giving up coffee and tea, observing the Sabbath...Awesome! What more can you ask for! Always early for church...just ready for this!!!

Elder Dejino of course transferred, and so did Elder Olila. My new kabahay is Elder Hubbard from Canada. We're working hard; it’s a bit different being a trainer, as all of my companion’s actions fall under my responsibility. He really likes to go into detail, but a bit too much at times. He has a real fire for sharing the gospel though, and he's got great potential. Well that’s the best I can do for a weekly update.  Sorry I'm a bit lame right now, I'm just stressed and pressed for time.

 Then in answer to my questions:  I am still in Tarlac, but with my anak! That means child. In the field your trainer is your "tatay" or dad and your trainee is you "anak". He's good. He's having a little bit of a rough time, but yeah, I'm trying to love him and not be stressed around him. I am about 100 better.  I've had a cough/phlegm thing since October, but other than that I'm cool! When I was sick this week I had bad migraines and fevers- not fun-but I’m good now.  Yeah [the work] has been pretty good! It took a hit when I got sick, but we were still able to teach 33 lessons despite being in bed for three days.  (When I asked him what counted as “lessons” he said that lessons with investigators, less active members and recent converts were a part of that lesson count) And yup, I am still the district leader, too.
Ward missionaries come and visit Brandon when he was sick

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