Monday, July 21, 2014

Fiesta killed church!

Dear All!

Movie star pose at the Baler Museum
The rest of last Monday was fun; we went to this free museum in Baler and took a ton of pictures. That was pretty legit! 
At the Baler Museum
Tuesday we did a little bit of finding, as a lot of our investigators are just not progressing. Wednesday we went back to that family we found and taught them Lesson 1. They're SO receptive, but their mom is just like never around...And we found out our one investigator, Marivel's real concern. It’s not a testimony issue as it is so much a commitment issue. Oh yeah, on Tuesday night, we got caught in a rainstorm and there were no more trikes heading back to town at night so we walked a while in the rain. Well, little did we know that our investigator, Sister Centeno, who had turned us away earlier that day because they had somewhere to go, saw us and was actually touched by our dedication or whatnot. She told us all about this on Thursday in our lesson, and expressed a real desire to get baptized. It was a really spiritual lesson!

We also started teaching Marcos's family on Thursday, and hopefully they will be receptive as well! We're having a family home evening with them later on. We reviewed the interview questions with Marcos as well, as his interview was on Saturday. Friday we had exchanges in a tougher area in the zone, San Luis. I worked there, and we had a good day of work! And I think I was able to help Elder Escosio as well. I hope so anyway...

Saturday was a crazy day. I went from San Luis to Baler for zone interviews, then back to Maria as President Clark did a house check (I love that guy by the way, I feel so comfortable with him), then I went to lunch with the Assistants as they were also there for interviews, then we went to our area with Elder Hedman to interview Marcos for his interview (he passed!) then we went back to Baler for District Missionary Coordination with President Clark and the district presidency and the various branch presidents. Then we went home, and it was a downpour, and we got out to work at 6:30. It was a long, wet, tiring day! 

Sunday was hard. It's our town's fiesta right now, so basically no one came to church. No investigators, no less Our attendance was around 45...big drop. We were pretty punted as well on was just a hard day. But today we've actually been able to enjoy the fiesta, parades, cheap stuff they're yeah! That’s all for now really!
Children in parade at town fiesta
More parade at the town fiesta

Just keep going, because our light affliction now works us for our eternal weight of glory!

--Elder Christensen
At the Baler Museum
Elder C has an oven for the first time on his mission!

Facebook profile at the Baler Museum

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