Sunday, January 18, 2015

“There is an antidote for times such as these: learn to laugh."

And just like that, another week has flown by!  On Monday we had a fun zone activity at the church where we played games and ended in a water balloon fight!  In the evening we went to the Mendozas but apparently their little daughter AJ had a blockage in her intestine and they had taken her to the hospital.  She’s been operated on now and last I heard they’re on the up and up, but they’re still in the hospital.  We also saw JR Solis that night and his leg is not doing so well…I cringed when I saw it.  He needs surgery and hopefully soon.  Tuesday morning we had a service project with Jerwin’s grandma who was reluctant to accept our service of weeding her yard, but eventually teared up and said she’ll never forget what we did for her, so that was a sweet experience.  That afternoon we taught all new investigators: one really mature looking 18 year old guy who seems to have his head on straight, one elderly couple and they are SO talkative, but nice!  We taught Sally, Mia’s lesbian aunt who was taught before and she’s really receptive!  Then we taught Dave’s uncle Ramil and he accepted a baptismal goal date! 

Wednesday morning we taught Tatay Jose about reading the scriptures when he’s tempted.  We also heard the story of how they first met the missionaries.  His wife had told her kids to call back the three men walking down the street, but when they came back she was surprised that the tall, thin companion was no longer visible.  From that time until now they have a strong conviction that angels accompany missionaries.  I bear testimony of that!  Later we taught Cezar about the Book of Mormon then we had a good lesson with Mia where we shared about following the prophets and related it back to the Word of Wisdom and committed her again to cut the coffee!  We visited with Jeffrey, Dustin and the Llamas family as well, then we taught JR again and he has finally sworn off cigarettes forever!  He really has been humbled and he is more ready to change now. 

Thursday we had zone interviews!  The workshops by our zone leaders, the assistants and President & Sister Clark were all fantastic!  I also was asked to give a small talk on a conversion story from my mission, so I talked about the Habala family.  Most of all, my interview with President was AWESOME!  I love visiting with that man and I felt rejuvenated afterwards.  Jeffrey came and worked with us in the afternoon and we taught the two Hamlig sisters again!  They’ve read the Book of Mormon and are keeping commitments!  Pretty good stuff!  We then explained to Jerwin that we couldn’t actually teach him, but then we taught his sister Catherine and his cousin Rhona.  Catherine’s best friend, Ladylyn joined in and she was by far the most interested of the three so we’ll go back to her!  We taught Erwin, along lost less active member who is really nice and who is willing to change and come unto Christ.  Lastly we taught Dave, who is still so awesome!  Friday we taught Cezar, who has lots of deep questions, but he is still reading the Book of Mormon and said he’ll try to come to church this Sunday.  We taught the elderly couple again, the Camua family, and man, the tatay is tough!  He absolutely refuses to go to church or pray…ever.  In the evening we taught Mia and we got one sister in our ward, Marie, to come along and man, she is an AWESOME fellowshipper for Mia!  We had a super good lesson about the Sabbath and the 10 commandments.  We visited Dustin and the Llamas family again.  JR has apparently checked into the hospital again so hopefully his surgery goes well. 

Saturday, simply nothing went according to plan.  The whole day was a mess, but good things happened still! We tried to find Bien’s new house but we didn’t…but we did help Brother Llamas push start his car when we walked by!  Oh, and we were supposed to play ball with Dave in the morning, but there was some miscommunication there and it didn’t work out…but I dunked a volleyball so that gave me confidence that I haven’t gained too much weight here!  In the afternoon all of our plans fell through and we had no lessons until after dinner…but we met a lot of good people along the way that we weren’t able to share a message with, but maybe we can in the upcoming days!  We saw a big cobra in the grass, so that was scary/awesome, but we eventually got Jeffrey to come along with us so we could teach Sally!  That was an n awesome, spiritual lesson as we taught about the great apostasy and the restoration.  Super solid.  We taught Erwin and his friend, Emmerson about faith and repentance by using the story of Enos and that was super spiritual as well.  We were so rejected on Saturday, but when we did teach it was so awesome!  Elder Palibrica and I never felt discouraged that day and we were seriously blessed.

Sunday came and we had no investigators at church L. But it’s all good!  We’re just going to work extra hard this week to get them there!  Sunday afternoon was awesome as we taught 4 lessons all before dinner!  And Jeffrey worked with us again! 
Elder C and Jeffrey
After dinner…we got pretty punted.  We went to one of our progressing investigators and he was “forced” to drink by his uncle who visited so he was drunk when we got there.  That was hard for my companion and he was pretty silent on the walk back.  I was thinking about what I could do to help him, then all of the sudden a car comes around the bend of the highway, drives through a puddle, and nails me and only me with a wall of water.  I would like to quote one of my favorite talks here by Elder Wirthlin, “There is an antidote for times such as these: learn to laugh.”  So that’s exactly what we did and it lightened the situation.  I feel like we are going toe to toe with Satan in this area, but we’re not worried.  We can throw back our heads and laugh in times like this because we know truth, light and good will prevail.  We just have got to dig a little deeper and more fully help these people to withstand the adversary and draw close and stay close to Christ.

-Elder Christensen
Kabahays at home

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