Monday, April 27, 2015

Another week of living the dream has flown by!

Maayong Buntag, Maayong Aga, Naimbag nga Bigat, Magandang Umaga and Good Morning!  Wow, another week of living the dream has flown by!  So this week started with me and Elder Cox (just finished his training and his trainer just finished his mission) working together in Dap Dap on Monday and Tuesday.  It was lots of fun!  I really like Elder Cox.  He’s a good kid and he has good things ahead of him. 

Wednesday was transfer announcements!  And man, there were a lot of changes!  To name some, Elder Surio just became Elder Hedman’s companion as a zone leader.  Sister Penales transferred into her first area again, so we’re in the same district!  And…Elder Delante transferred and I no longer have kabahays (housemates)L.  Sayang. 
Goodbye to Elder Delante and the kabahays
Thursday was transfers!  It was super fun because I got to see Elder Armatage, Elder Jacobson and lots of others!

 My new companion is Elder Nalumen!  He’s a really chill, smiley guy.  He’s a little quiet, but he really likes singing hymns to himself! 
I’m getting ahead of myself…  Wednesday we taught Anthony again.  He’s good, but so hard to catch!  We finished off by teaching the Puno family about how belief combined with action makes real faith, then Al about fasting.  Al has work on Sundays now and he’s about to go abroad to work this week.

I met my new companion and we went to the new leader’s training, because he’s a new zone leader.  We visited Sister Sol and talked to her about helping out Daisy, to get her to baptism.  We taught Matthew (which was fun because my companion doesn’t speak much English) and he’s still the most amazing investigator, showing us his pages of notes on what he’s learned from his study of the gospel.  But, it looks like we may have some problems getting his guardian (grandpa)’s permission for baptism.  His grandpa is sick with kidney failure, is grouchy and is SUPER Catholic…We’ll fast. 

Friday we got rejected from our appointments and knocked doors in the heat….No one let us in.  BUT then we went back to an old contact, Kirby, and he let us in!  We taught Baby Jane and Edwin Ferrer, who told us that even if they found out this is true, then wouldn’t be baptized…and hopefully it would just work out for them.  Dang.  On Saturday we taught Matthew who is still solid, no doubt.  We taught the Fiesta family about repentance… I don’t know…The two youth-aged kids come to church usually but their mom and the youngest, Evlo don’t… We’ll figure it out.  In the evening we finally worked it out to have a great fellowshipper, Carissa, come with us to teach Daisy!  She is super awesome and she’s determined to be baptized in May!  Yes!  Super solid.  Also, Carissa had a referral/part member family, the Asis family, for us and Gweendee, 16, accepted a baptismal date for June!  I’m excited to work with them in the future.
Sunday Matthew and Daisy came to church!  These are our baptisms for May!  In the afternoon we visited our recent convert Lolita, the Ferrer family (no progress, but super nice!), the Tanedo family (active and they are going to work out referrals for us!), then we walked around trying to find some less actives for two hours, without luck.  Dang.  But life’s good!

I’ll attach a nice insight about faith I had during personal study found in Hebrews 11:39-40 (read the 40a footnote!).  I love life, I’m living the dream, and I’m sorry if I don’t respond to some emails.  I just don’t have time anymore!  Ingat palagi!     
  -Elder Christensen

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