Monday, September 23, 2013

My First Baptism!

Hello all!

So I think I’m not going to talk about much except for MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!

But before we get to that, some random highlights throughout the week!  Tuesday was zone conference, which was super cool! I learned a ton and got to know a lot of the other missionaries in my mission. 
Zone Conference:  Brandon said that their mission in so big and transportation is so slow that they have zone conference with half of the mission at a time (over 90 missionaries there).

Riding in a jeepne with other missionaries to zone conference

On Wednesday we had a community service project, where while building a house, I killed two deadly poisonous centipedes! You don’t really get that back in Utah! 

On Thursday I discovered that ants were eating away at my garments? Yeah, not cool, so I made sure I sprayed just about everything with permitheren (bug killer/repellant). Later on that day I had a cool experience where Elder Lungay changed the lesson plan suddenly, but it ended up leading to a baptismal invitation. I’m so glad I have a companion who was in tune to the spirit.

 On Friday we had another service project, where I got to get nice and muddy working on a farm! I got to go on exchanges with an American, Elder Black, that day as well, and I learned a lot from him!

Oh yeah! On Thursday our neighbors in our apartment complex knocked on our door because they wanted to switch apartments with us because they had family next door to us. We saw their apartment, and we were sold. It was so nice! So on Saturday morning we switched apartments with them. It even has a shower! No more using buckets for a while!
Brandon's new apartment!  It even has a shower!

After that, we headed to the baptism. Once everyone arrived, we heard some great talks from ward missionaries/fellowshippers. I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize. I got to be the one who helped Reynaldo Beltran Dela Cruz Jr. participate in a saving ordinance. After he came out of the water, we hugged right there in the font! When we were changing I asked him how he felt, and he said “wholly new.” At that moment in time, I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier in my whole life. It was just pure joy. Ah it just vindicated everything we do as missionaries. I want to invite everyone to be baptized now! It’s just the best! I can’t wait until a year from now when he can go through the temple, and I can go through with him!! He is just so golden, so sincere.

Brandon and Reynaldo Dela Cruz ("Brother Allan") right before he baptized him!

The next day at church, he was just radiating. He just looked so pure to me. Elder Owen said that he could just feel his spirit, and that he was glowing. It just so happened that my Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Martino, were at the church for a meeting with the zone leaders and local leadership. After sacrament I introduced Reynaldo or “Allan” to them. Sister Martino, upon shaking his hand, leaned over to me and said, “Gosh, he has an incredible spirit.” And it’s true. He wants to go to the temple as soon as possible to be baptized for his parents. He is destined for great things in the Kingdom of God.

Back row, starting from left:  Sister Valles (bishop's wife), Sister "Auntie" Sheridan (ward missionary that feeds them every Sunday night), Renaldo Dela Cruz Jr aka "Brother Allan" (who was just baptized!), Brother Ernie (in bishopric), and the sister who referred Allan to the them.
Front row, from the left: Elder Lungay (his comp), Bishop Valles and Brother Arthur (ward mission leader)

 I have never loved my mission, my family, this gospel, and my life as much as I do now. Thank you all for your support, Mahal ko kayong lahat!

--Elder Christensen

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