Sunday, September 8, 2013

So great to be here in the Philippines!

Magandang umaga mga kapatid!

Oh it is so great to be here in the Philippines! I can honestly say that I love my mission! I just do!

 I had a realization. Before I would think that since I’m on a mission I SHOULDN’T worry about myself or COULDN’T worry about myself or else I wouldn’t be a good missionary. While that’s still true to an extent, it was this week I realized I DON’T HAVE TO worry about myself! I can just worry about serving others and serving my Savior. I don’t think I could have been able to do that back home! This week was the first week I didn’t miss home, I mean not enough to take my head out of the work. And it went by SO fast. It’s a surreal feeling.

 Anyway! This week was action packed!  I had a trainer trainee, where I got to see a good portion of my batch mates, be taught by the Assistants about the dangers of the “Pwede Na” (good enough) current, be spiritually uplifted by a great lecture from my Mission President about Enoch and his ministry, and eat McDonalds! Seriously, McDonalds has never tasted so fantastic in my whole life! It was incredible.

Elder Christensen and many other elders gathered for the trainer/trainee meeting

There was also one day where we got caught in the middle of some rice fields in a rainstorm without an umbrella.  That was crazy! 

The best part of this week was when we taught this family, a referral from a recent convert, about the restoration. We planned to extend a baptismal invitation if the spirit so directed. It was a fantastic lesson and the spirit was strong. I asked how they felt. The Brother said he couldn’t explain it, but he felt like what we said was true, and he just felt happy. We then were overjoyed to explain to him that this feeling was the Holy Ghost. On that note we challenged him and his wife to pray to know, and if it’s true they’ll feel this ways again. After that, it was my privilege to extend a baptismal invitation to them. I couldn’t stop smiling for the next two days, it was just so amazing! It’s just so real! Tunay ito talaga!

Anyways, on Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Iligan, my zone leader, which was scary because I had to lead the area. It worked out alright though, and I learned a lot from him! I need to work on really learning my area better, and not settling for what I know I know how to say in Tagalog. He pushed me, and that’s when I could teach more effectively! And then yesterday we went on splits where I was with ward missionaries, no other Elders, and I got to lead the lessons and the area! And it went alright! I’m learning! Which is a very good sign! Anyways, that’s about all for what happened this week.

 For some random things now! The Philippines has the most unpredictable and bi-polar weather imaginable. We’ll head out from the apartment and it will be just sweltering hot, we start teaching our first appointment, then we look outside and it’s a complete downpour. And when it rains in the Philippines, IT RAINS. Also, the most beautiful sunsets and clouds I’ve ever seen are here. It seriously is just so beautiful. 

This country is amazing! I love my life! I love my mission. I love you all! All you need is love! Until next week!

--Elder Christensen

And here are some more pictures from the trainer/trainee meeting:

So fun to see Elder Armatage! 

With Sister Foukimoana (from MTC) and others
More missionaries at the meeting!

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