Monday, October 21, 2013

Gearing up for a new companion and the area being split

October 21, 2013

Dear all who have an ear to hear!

Wow, where do I even begin! Two weeks…I went on exchanges with my zone leader Elder Owen, where I learned I needed to have more faith in being able to speak the language, and subsequently received my own personal witness that I will learn this language!

We had the typhoon hit, which killed the power for 5 days. The water pressure was off and on, usually off, but when it was on, we stocked up on water! It was very interesting! So I still haven’t been able to watch all of conference. The church had a generator, but it kept overheating, so I’ve only seen 2.5 hours total! But it’s all good! The lack of power got to both me and Elder Owen as we just were getting sick of it, but I was able to keep my perspective when I thought about the people actually affected by this!

 On Wednesday I gave a workshop on receiving revelation through prayer at District Meeting, which went ok I think. Elder Owen said it helped him, as he’s been praying to know which college to go to when he gets home, so maybe it did something!

 October 18th may have been the best day of my whole life! Random investigators started progressing out of nowhere; we just made so much progress! 

Brandon and his kabahays with Sister Leah and her little sisters
The members have been feeding us a ton, because transfers are coming, and Elder Lungay will most likely be leaving. I am sad to see him go, and he’s sad to leave, but he has been in this one area for 7 ½ months! So I’m prepping for a new companion! 

Also, my area is being split with some new sisters! So we will have two companionships in this ward! We’re giving the close, city areas to the sisters while we elders will teach out more in the “bukid” or country areas. It will be different for sure, but I’m excited! And we get to open a different part of my area that we haven’t been able to visit yet! So way cool!

Brandon and his kabahays (housemates): Elder Lungay, Elder Owen & Elder Iligan

As far as scriptural insights goes, I found a series of scriptures in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22. My favorite is 16, “Rejoice Evermore.” There is always a reason to rejoice, we just have to look for it!

I love you all!

--Elder Christensen
Brandon with a baby carabao (water buffalo)
Brandon with his district
Brandon, Elder Owen and the Assistants
Brandon with a random Lebron James poster in town
Elder Spiderman!

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