Monday, October 28, 2013

"The end of a beautiful chapter of my mission"


What a week! So where to begin…so since it was transfers, we were fed by members wanting to serve the missionaries left and right! It was awesome!

So Tuesday was the best day of work ever! Since we were going to have new sisters coming at transfers and our area would be split, we decided to explore a little bit to find some new people to teach! We just kind of stopped in a new neighborhood, right across from a Catholic church actually! We didn’t know where to start, so we literally just picked the closest house to knock. A woman, late twenties, came out looking a bit suspicious of us. We explained we were missionaries who wanted to meet her, and she let us come on the patio. We had a couple awkward small talk sentences, and then when we said we were from Ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw, she asked, “Mormons?” We said yes, then a slight smile crossed her face, she told us to wait then ran inside. She came back out with a restoration pamphlet! Apparently, she had been taught lesson one by the Ward 3 sisters a few months ago, and she pretty much knew the restoration pamphlet front and back! She was all smiles and so happy that we were there! It was pretty inspiring actually! Before we could schedule a return appointment, she asked us if we could come back and share more, on another topic though! I cannot wait to share the plan of salvation with her. I know we were led to that house. It was just awesome. We were able to teach tons of lessons that day, in fact the most we had ever taught in one day! 

Wednesday was transfer announcements, where I found out Elder Lungay would be indeed leaving for Tarlac Zone, and I know his new companion. He isn’t the most obedient, so I will pray for him. Basically every companionship is different now, except for the Zone leaders, and the two trainees/trainers. When we had our last planning session that night, it was a sad time indeed. The next morning when we left for Cabanatuan (the transfer point) he started crying during our prayer. He had told me he had only cried 4 times since he was a little kid, and I was there for the 5th. I felt bad for him. This place is his home basically. He said it was harder than leaving home!

At transfers, I just basically waited at the Cabanatuan Stake Center forever for my new companion to arrive from Tarlac. I got to hang out with Elder Armatage, which is always fun. My new companion is Elder Olila! He is the man too! He is a tall, skinny, half Filipino and half Malaysian! He is about one year in the mission, and he is the new District Leader. I’m very blessed to have him! We went to work a little bit that day, but we got punted a bunch. There was a beautiful sunset that evening, which matched the end of a beautiful chapter of my mission.
The sunset that "matched the end of a beautiful chapter of my mission"
New companion:  Elder Olila
The next day we got to show the new sister missionaries around their new area! Basically they have the entire city, and we have all of the super far away areas! Which is cool with me. Saturday we had a community service project, which was super fun! I got to meet all the new members of the zone. Sunday was hard as only one investigator came to church, but it was alright because we had a ton of less actives come! We had solid work in the afternoon, and that brings us to now!

I want to talk a little about Elder Olila! 
His entire family has been baptized within the past five years, but he was the last to be baptized just two years ago. He is the first from his family to serve, and he has another brother serving now too! He was in the seminary to become a priest actually when he was converted! He is way awesome. I feel so blessed to be here in San Jose right now. The future is nothing but bright.

Take care everyone!
I love you all!
--Elder Christensen

We also got an email from Brandon's mission president this week, telling us that Brandon is now a "Co-Senior Companion":

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