Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Week

Sorry guys, short one this week!

Tuesday was a good day, and we had a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner at the first counselor in the mission presidency's house! So much fun, so much food! Christmas was sweet, as I got to Skype with my family! That was easily my favorite part of Christmas day itself! So yeah, then my companion got super sick and we were in the apartment all the rest of Wednesday and Thursday. Friday he was feeling better and we went out to work, but his fever came back and we went home early.

Saturday was cool though, as Mary Joy Pulido Mercader was baptized! It was so awesome to finally see her be baptized. We've been teaching her since Sept 4, so it was another lesson to me about not giving up. I knew she had potential, and I'm just glad she realized that potential. In her testimony after the baptism she said that she had come to a knowledge that it was true, not through hours of study (she was a Jehovah's Witness) but through the power of the Holy Ghost. What more could you ask for!? Sunday I was able to get a split and we had good work, as we have tons of investigators getting ready for baptism! And that brings us to now!
Brandon got to baptize Joy, Christine and Joanna!

I was worried that Christmas was going to make me homesick and not want to work, but with everything that has happened this week it has been quite the opposite! I want to work harder and waste no time! I discovered instead of sitting and thinking about my family, going out and working for them is a much, much better way to remember them! I love this work; it brings more joy to me than I ever imagined it would.

Skyping with Elder Christensen!

Happy New Year Everyone!

--Elder Christensen

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