Monday, January 20, 2014

Goodbye to beloved San Jose...and hello to Tarlac (mission headquarters) and mission friends there!

Elder Superman!

Well what a week it has been! It started out good with a great day of work on Tuesday, where we found out that two of our investigators who are not married but living together finally got their papers all done so they will be getting married in the next couple weeks so they can be baptized! YEAH! We didn't know who was going to transfer out of the two of us, so we both said goodbye to a lot of our investigators that day. We had dinner appointments pretty much all week, so that was cool! 

San Jose Zone Supermen!
On Wednesday we found out that I would be transferred to TARLAC Ward 2! Elder Lungay, my trainer, is in my zone, Sister Thomas, my batchmate and good friend from the MTC is in my zone, and Elder Olila, my 2nd companion in the field, is my Zone Leader and house mate! Super cool! I'm also the only non-Filipino in my house, so no English anymore!!!

Anyways, back to Wednesday! I said goodbye to many of my favorite people in the whole world. I did a good job keeping it together until we taught a combined lesson to Lorry Valiente, the Mercader sisters, Klaryl Valiente, and our investigator Michelle. They asked me to say the closing prayer, and I couldn't keep it in anymore. I prayed really hard that Heavenly Father would help them, and that I had tried my hardest to bring them to Christ...that was hard. 
Brandon last lesson in San Jose w/ Lorry Valiente, the Mercader sisters, Klaryl Valiente  & Michelle
We had one last dinner at Sister Sheridan's, where I said goodbye to my San Jose mom and my older and little sisters, Sisters Sheridan, Leah, and Mae respectively.
Saying goodbye to his San Jose family.....

So yeah, so far in Tarlac it’s been pretty cool I guess. My new companion is Elder Dejino, who just got done with his training. Our area is super small, and all city! Like straight up, all concrete! It’s pretty crazy...I also went on exchanges with my "brother" (Elder Lungay's trainee right now), and have enjoyed the option of having AC on at night! The new ward is super friendly, so that's good!
On to Tarlac!  Elder Christensen poses with Elders Dejino (new comp), Lungay (trainer) & Olilo (2nd comp and now ZL & housemate)

We had a zone activity earlier, where I got to know some more of my zone mates! There are TONS of sisters, more sisters than elders in this zone!!! Holy cow...I hopefully next week will have more news regarding just how the work is going, as I'm still pretty new here in this big city!
 I love you all!  Just focus on the Savior, turn your thoughts to Him and He will direct your paths! Till next week!
--Elder Christensen

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