Monday, April 7, 2014

Saving Grace of the Galaxies

Hello All! 
Wow what a week it has been! This has easily been my favorite week this transfer, and it is all thanks to the Grace of The Lord which has attended our lives this week. The opposition hasn't lessened, but the spirit has increased! So at the start of things, Monday was good, I bought a football, so we have some fun P-days ahead of us here! The rest of P-day was good, though I did see posters for the Amazing Spider-man 2...oh well, first night when I get back! We had a dinner appointment with with the bishop's family that night, which was good. Tuesday, we had an awesome lesson with Sister De Jesus, a recent convert who has been struggling a 
lot, and has hid from us quite a few times. It was a super spiritual lesson, and my companion was simply on fire! He truly was an instrument in the Lord's hands in that lesson. We were able to teach a couple of less actives who usually hide from us, so that's good! Sometimes my mission is a giant game of hide and seek...oh well! 

Wednesday we had Mission/District Leadership council, which was absolutely awesome! It was all about grace, and I absolutely love that topic! President Martino gives the best workshops. We had good work that day, and met another less active teenager, who has some promise. Her name is Christina and we gave her a Book of Mormon, so that was something. Thursday we had Zone training meeting where we relayed the messages given during MLC/DLC to the zone, which went well, and afterwards we had Lechon Baboy...SO GOOD!!!! It's classic filipino style roast pig...awesome stuff! I also got TWO packages from my awesome Mom! Thanks!!! We're enjoying the easter candy already! Lessons were a bit scarce in the afternoon, but we had lots of contacts so that's cool! And we had an awesome dinner appointment with the De Jesus family! Lots of good food that day! The work was SWEET on Friday! I had a lesson in which I drew how the gospel is the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life. We taught Sister Arianne, who is still glowing from her baptism. We taught a less active who has returned, Norma Ho, who is in her seventies and really wants to be sealed to her family, but her less active kids couldn't care less...its sad, but she can still be sealed to her husband who died a ways back, so that's good! We taught April Roxas, who has a goal date for the 26th, and she is a waitress at a little resturaunt owned by members that we always eat at. We also taught Edwin, the husband of an active member, Sister She, and he is starting to progress! He said he felt the spirit in the lesson, wanted his own copy of the Book of Mormon, asked really good questions about the plan of salvation, and after the lesson we set a baptismal date and then they even started talking about a sealing about a year from now and whether or not I would be able to attend! Holy cow! We haven't been able to teach him since then, but he came to church and he has apparently been reading and has a lot of questions! So awesome! 

Saturday was a good day, Sonny worked with us! And speaking of which, he told me he found this Hi Sonny! Oh- for the first time in my life, I felt like I was literally filled with the spirit of prophecy! We were in a lesson with Nanay Soriano, a 70+ recent convert who hasn't been to church in a while, and she was telling us about how she can't walk to church anymore. While she was talking, I felt the spirit so strong multiple times tell me to promise her that if she would use her faith and go to church, she would be able to walk to church and it wouldn't hurt. She didn't seem to believe me though, even though I promised her it was coming from the spirit. And lo and behold, she didn't come to church. I know she didn't try, because if she did she would have been able to make it. Our last appointment on Saturday night was sad, as we taught the Bonus family and they informed us that they are being forced to move out of the house they've been renting, because the owner needs it for his family. They will be moving to a different part of Tarlac, in a different area, so I won't be able to be there for their baptism...dang. But I'm sure the Sisters there will take care of them and see them all the way to baptism. 

Sunday was good, as our Sacrament attendance is up to 93! That's improvement! We had pretty good work, as we had help coming from Brothers Sonny and Ryan, our ward mission leader. We taught mostly less actives, but we taught one investigator that had a 1 year old nephew die suddenly this past week. She has been taught the Plan of Salvation before, but we reviewed it and shared from section 137 how all small children who die are saved in the celestial kingdom. We had another fantastic dinner appointment with the Reyes family, who are always so nice to us missionaries. This morning I gave our bathroom the cleaning of the lifetime, which was very satisfactory. We have a Family Home Evening scheduled with a member who has lots of less active teenage neighbors, who hopefully will join as we invited them last week, so that should be fun. So yeah, right now I'm loving my mission, loving my life, everything is pretty much great! I love you all, I love my Savior, and there's no other place I'd rather be!
Elder Christensen

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