Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thanks to every last person who pushed me to go on a mission- It's the best thing I've ever done!

Hey hey hey!

So! Just like that another week has gone by. A week of unbelievable heat coupled with random, super crazy thunderstorms!
Exhausted from the HEAT
It was an adventure many times this week! So, on Monday we had a Family Home Evening at the Bishop’s home where our two investigators who will be baptized in May, namely Edwin and April, attended, and a good time was had by all! Tuesday we had some good lessons, and saw some promise in some investigators…the highlight though was when I met Jenibe, an investigator that Elder Antoni found last week when we were on splits. She just moved into her very active cousin’s house, and she’s totally into the lessons. She’s got solid potential, and a great fellowshipper! Wednesday we had a district meeting where I helped throw a surprise party for my district mate, Sister Penales, as she just turned 21!
Happy Birthday Sister Penales!
We taught Edwin and April that day, and they’re both progressing right along! Neither of them have crazy strong testimonies yet, but they definitely are growing and keeping commitments! 

Thursday was kind of a rough day. One of our ward missionaries now has a job at a mall where he works every Sunday, and he was supposed to be getting ready for his own mission…dang. We visited him and he said he would try to fix his schedule. We spent an extraordinarily long time at a recent convert's house as he shared with us an incredibly detailed account of this bogus YouTube video about some South American’s “vision” of heaven and hell. After it was done, we doctrinally tore it apart.  The highlight of the day was when we taught Jenibe again, and she already felt a “different” feeling in answer to her prayer about our message (and her cousin was right there to tell her that was the Holy Ghost, fellowshippers are AWESOME!). We shared about the Book of Mormon and she accepted a baptismal invitation! 

Friday I interviewed one of the sister’s candidates. We taught a few other lessons, and taught our investigator Maria Cristina’s house mate, Ofelia, and challenged her to pray to know as well! Saturday we kind of had a rough day again, just not too many appointments. We did have a super awesome lesson with Sister Lina, where we taught Lesson 2. We planned on teaching just the first part, “Where do we come from?” But the spirit was rocking and we both felt we should teach the whole thing. She told us some of her biggest questions had now been answered, such as the ultimate fate of Satan and his angels! So that’s cool! She said she would come to church, but when Sonny swung by to pick her up, she had some excuses and just said next time…agh!!! Sunday my companion and I gave talks in Church. I felt that I needed to talk about God’s love, so I shared about that, focusing on 1 John 4. My companion talked about callings, and many people shared with us their approval of his talk! We had 100 in attendance, but only two investigators at church. I gave another interview after church, then we had splits so we were able to get some more lessons.  Sonny and I worked together, and we worked hard, fast, and efficiently! It felt good, as I felt sometimes we hadn’t pushed as hard as we could have this week. Among our lessons we taught Nanay Norma, who still has a strong desire to push her family to be sealed! And she’s still coming to church, so that’s good! And she wants us to come to the temple with her! I would LOVE that! I miss the temple so bad…We didn’t get to teach Ofelia, but I was able to speak with her long enough to follow up and find out she did have a feeling in her prayer about the Restoration! We ended the night teaching the Reyes’ niece who is staying with them for the summer Lesson 1, and had a fantastic dinner appointment there! I ate salmon! I haven’t had that in so long! It was a good way to end the week.
At a teaching appointment...
And so now I’m here! I’m still enjoying the work!  Elder Antoni and I are laughing a lot and we’re seeing good things in the future! I love my life, love this work, and I want to thank every last person who ever pushed me to go on a mission; even though I didn’t know it at first, this is the best thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t ask for more than this opportunity to serve here among this people.

May the Lord bless you all!

--Elder Christensen

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