Monday, June 30, 2014

Fevelyn and Niko get baptized!

Sorry! Sorry! Super slow internet, and no time to respond to literally ANY
emails. SO SORRY! But here's the update!

Dear All!

Well, one more week has come and gone, and what an incredible week it
was! Monday we went to Cabanatuan for Zone Conference, and we got
there in time to have dinner at Greenwich Pizza! Yum! The conference
was on Tuesday, and it was super good, way spiritual! It was also to
say goodbye to President Martino (He went home yesterday). I was
actually expecting it to be super emotional, but it was actually not
bad. It is weird to think I won’t see him for the rest of my
mission…oh well, President Clark has arrived and we will be meeting
him this Thursday! We also rented a van, and our entire van squeezed
in there and we played games and sang and laughed our heads off, so
the travel was actually crazy fun!

 So Wednesday, we had the single
best day of work of my whole mission. We had so many good things
happen. Our investigator Nancy, who has been taught for about 4 years, 
is finally super progressing! We’re now just working on her papers so
she can get married, then baptized!!! We met a less active kid, and
taught him, went back to an old contact and got a new investigator
there…we had an awesome lesson with one of our less active members,
and she now has a desire for temple marriage…It was just an awesome
day, and we had 14 lessons in that one day! 

Thursday morning we had a cool moment where all of our appointments fell through, and the moment we stopped to make a decision to see what we would do, we received
inspiration to go teach some investigators that are seriously never
home so we haven’t taught them in like three weeks. But we went there, 
and there they all were, ready to listen, and they loved the message 
(about repentance) and we set a sure return appointment! Sweet! We had
good work again that day. Friday we started out super punted, as in we
walked around until about 6 pm, but we after that were able to get
some good lessons. We had good lessons with our investigators Janet, 
Lito, and Fevelyn, who in fact was BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!
Fevelyn Habala and Elmer Manangan (but he really goes by Niko) were both
baptized on Saturday! It was a good service, and the spirit was so
thick there you could cut it with a knife! Tonton, Fevelyn’s brother, 
baptized, which was super cool!
Fevelyn and Niko get baptized!  Tonton, Fevelyn's brother baptizes them :)
Afterwards we had good lessons with

the Centeno Family and Marcos, and we got done in time to have a
dinner appointment at the Habala’s. 

Sunday…good news and bad news. Bad news, Marcos and the Centeno Family didn’t come to church. Good news!  Fevelyn/Marivel/Tonton’s mom came to church, as well as Nancy (our all  of the sudden progressing investigator) and her friend Vangie! Super
cool! We had good work on Sunday as well, as we were able to go on
splits for about two hours with some members! We got to teach this 12
year old less active girl Mycah, and I don’t know, I feel bad for her, 
she’s going to school and she wasn’t able to come to church because
her mom needed her help selling vegetables at the market. We taught
her about learning to choose the right now, so that when temptation
comes she’s ready. We gave her a CTR ring. I don’t know, it was the
highlight of the day for me!

 We had a great week as far as our numbers went, as we had 53 lessons, and, as our district leader informed us, we hit the standard of excellence in every key indicator category this week. That was a miracle indeed! The work is moving along great here in Maria! The internet is pretty slow here, so maybe no pictures this week. But Yeah, I’m loving it here! The church is true! The Book is Blue! And two more souls just entered the straight and narrow path
leading to eternal life!!!

--Elder Christensen

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