Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our week was pretty much amazing!

So I'm just going to do a short weekly update here, because I'm low on time here! SO, Monday we had a fun FHE with the other elders and a recent convert family! We got a lot of referrals this week, and we started teaching a new investigator Imelda, who said already that she felt something different when she prayed about our message. Awesome! We had a family home evening with the Centeno family, which was so fun!

 Wednesday was just a pretty normal day, but we did teach sister Merly, and all of her kids are members and one is on a mission, but she hasn't been baptized yet! We'll fix that. Oh! And we taught Fevelyn and Marivel again, and that was a good lesson. We taught our purpose in life and the atonement. They were crying at the end, and they said they were so grateful to hear the Word of God from us his messengers. It was awesome to see the spirit working in them. Thursday was interesting as when our investigator Marcos showed up to a member’s house for our appointment he was drunk. That was a difficult lesson, but he told us he was going to repent and come to church on Sunday! 

Friday was AWESOME! Me and my companion went with the Senior Couple, Elder and Sister Lund, and did house checks for the zone, then the treated us at Costa Pacifica, the most beautiful resort/most delicious restaurant ever. It's expensive for the Philippines, but just about normal in dollars. I had a real burger, like a real one. It was AWESOME! 
Costa Pacifica dinner with the Lunds
Awesome real burger at Costa Pacifica
The work was good when we got back. Nico, our goal for the 21st, still hadn't totally kicked cigarettes, so we might have to push his baptism a bit. But other than that he's still doing good! We also started teaching a little born again family and they told us that they would listen, but when Sunday came around there were not changing churches. Well, in our lesson I felt and saw the spirit working in them, and we'll see how that all goes down! 

Saturday we had a really good lesson with the Centeno Family, where they said they were coming to church, and my companion received a witness that it really would happen. And it did! Not only that, we had 10 investigators at church! The five from the Centeno Family, Marivel and Fevelyn, Marcos, Merly, and Nico! So awesome! We were able to get nine lessons in too, which was incredible!

All in all our week was pretty much amazing! We had 24 Lessons taught to investigators with a member present, the highest I've ever achieved! We had 46 lessons, tons of referrals and new! It's just rolling forward! I love this life and I know this work is true.

Elder Christensen
Costa Pacifica

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