Monday, September 22, 2014

Blessing a motorcycle (?) and 7 investigators to church!

Hello All!

Backing up to last Sunday, after church we went to a service for a still born child of a member.  So sad.  After that we were able to teach one lesson to the young men before we had to be inside by 5 pm because a Bagyo (typhoon) was coming…but it never came.  Kind of funny.  On Monday we joined the funeral procession for that baby, and then headed to Baler to email.  It was a good email session.  I don’t know, Sister McKim made me laugh pretty hard, so that was cool!  We went shopping at NE and saw President Mamaradlo, Marivel, Tonton and Fevelyn there.  Marivel kept trying to convince us to buy baby stuff that was on sale...Baliw.  We had a good Family Home Evening at the Mamaradlos.  We got 5 referrals!  Awesome!  And it was good fun. 

Tuesday morning we went hunting down referrals, but none were home/available.  In the afternoon Nanay Adelina threw a party, so we attended and shared with her before it started.  That party kind of threw off our schedule, so we didn’t get a ton done.  BUT, when we went to teach Arsenio (who wasn’t there), we met his daughter-in-law, Lolit, and she is GOLDEN!  She just understood the lesson and accepted the invitation for baptism right away!  That was the highlight of Tuesday for sure!  On Wednesday we had district meeting then exchanges with the Elders in San Luis.  I went to San Luis with Elder Illustrisimo (Elder Armatage’s last companion and THE FUNNIEST ELDER in this mission).  Before that we tried to go by the house of a recent convert of Sister Penales, who happens to be a 50+ year old man who confessed his love to her in a letter at church.  Yep, that happened.  We were going by to tell him that is totally not okay, and that Sister Penales would be transferring.  Well, unfortunately (or thankfully, not sure which) he wasn’t home, but since then their branch presidency has swung by and talked about it with him.  The exchanges were great!  Lots of fun and Elder Illustrisimo is the man. 

Thursday we came back and in the morning Elder Anasario and I found the house of this family who actually sells this awesome pork dish called liempo right next to our apartment!  We taught the mom and she was so prepared!  She was so into the lesson and she said yes to the baptismal invite!  Awesome!  In the afternoon we had even more success!  We taught Arsenio and then Lolit, and LOLIT IS AMAZING!  We taught the apostasy and restoration and when we reviewed about the primitive Church, she kept asking “Where is Jesus Christ’s church now?”  She told us how she tried about four different religions and she says she likes her Baptist Church as she’s learned a lot but, in Bono’s words, “She still hasn’t found what she’s looking for!”  I can’t wait to find how her praying to know has gone!  We taught Marcos, then his son Marlon who was just really shy.  We taught a few other recent converts, and ended the day with 10 lessons—Awesome! 

Friday’s highlight was when we contacted a referral of Nanay Adelina in San Joaquin and she is SO awesome!  She’s had many religions that she’s tried but hasn’t liked and she really understood the need for a prophet.  Her name is Christine and we are excited about her!  We were called home early because the wind of the typhoon was pretty nuts, but that’s ok.  It gave me time to make breakfast burritos!  Saturday we taught Dominga, the one who sells liempo, and she was excited for the lesson and read the pamphlet we left. She was a bit quiet, but we’ll follow up on her praying to know in the future!  In the afternoon we had something weird happen.  As we went to teach Marcos, his daughter and her husband joined in (Usually they don’t seem to care).  Then afterwards they asked if we could bless their motorcycle.  Well, we said a prayer for them and their vehicle…interesting!  On Sunday, good news and bad news.  The bad news is that only one investigator with a baptismal date came to church, but the good news is we had 7 ISMs (investigators at sacrament meeting) still!  Mycah, a 13 year old, brought two referrals to church.  Our investigator Razzel brought his cousins with him and the daughter of Marcos and her husband came to church as well, on their brand-new- blessed motorcycle!  Ha ha!  We had a missionary fireside for our branch, which went well!  Hopefully we have some new investigators coming from that investment.  And today, for P-day we have a zone activity where we will be going to Mother Falls…I’m excited!  Life is good!

Comps at Mother Falls
-Elder Christensen
Tribe of Don bag!

P Day fun at Mother Falls
Elder C !

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