Sunday, September 28, 2014

Staying in Baler Zone!

Dear All!
Well, last Monday was good!  We went to Mother Falls as a zone and that was fun!  Email was all good, too.  I got a haircut and got to talk about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon with Efren, the guy who cut my hair. (He did a good job, too!)  Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning and we worked in Baubo in the afternoon.  We were pretty punted, but we were eventually guided to Sister Lolit.  We taught a lesson, as prompted by the Holy Ghost.  She opened up and shared some powerful experiences about how her prayers had been answered in the past.  The only thing I want to say about that is that the Lord was really looking out for me.  Well, He always is.  We also taught Linda, Marcos and Adelina and said goodbye, as I thought I was leaving.  I gave Adelina a big picture of me and her two other “sons”, Elder Park and Elder Brockbank.  We then went to Dipaculao to do an interview for Elder Hedman, and then we zipped back to do two interviews for Elder Choresca and Elder Jacobson.  Then we got transfer announcements: Nothing’s happening!  Literally the entire zone is the same, except Elder Purca (the elder I went on splits with when I got to visit Arianne in Tarlac) is Elder Hedman’s new companion.  Elder Anasario, Elder Hedman and I went down to Cabanatuan to get him at transfers.  I’m excited I’m staying!  I love the people here and there’s so much good we can do here.  And me and Elder Anasario’s companionship is going good, so things are looking good! :)
Baler Zone--staying the same!

So! Wednesday morning we taught a good lesson to RonRon, then went down to Cab!  We ate at McDo. Siyempre.  Interesting news at transfers:  Elder Armatage is training again, Elder Couqia is the new assistant and Elder Westover is the new zone leader in Bongabon!  We got Elder Purca, and then headed back to Aurora.  On the way back my stomach really started hurting.  I thought I was just car sick, so I rested a little when we got home.  Then we went to work, but I still wasn’t feeling good.  Friday morning I was feeling worse.  We called Sister Clark and she told us to get Buscopan.  We went to the pharmacy and they lady convinced us to get something else…dumb idea.  I didn’t get any better.  I seriously felt so nauseous every time I moved around and my stomach seriously was hurting, especially if I ate or drank anything.  Finally we got the medicine that Sister Clark told us to get when I was seriously hurting around 6:30 pm.  I was on my back most of the day, as any other position seriously hurt.  But, that medicine worked and I was feeling a bit better before bed.  Saturday morning I was hurting a bit, but not as bad.  We had zone goal setting in the morning in Baler, then we came back to Maria and taught one lesson, then went back to Baler for our SMC meeting with President Clark.  Then we came back again and taught Razzel, JL, and Jomari (the coolest little kids—they said in the prayer that they were happy that I didn’t transfer because they loved me.  (Everybody: AWWW!)  We taught Elma and Virsilio as well.  My stomach still hurts, but I can get through.  I’m eating nothing but toast, water, bananas and crackers because that is what hurts the least!  No unhallowed [stomach] can stop the work from progressing!

Well, Sunday went well!  I gave a talk in church, which was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time in this branch, so that was good!  I talked about obedience.  In the afternoon we taught a super good lesson to Nancy about the Family Proclamation.  We taught a super less active finally about the temple.  We also did appointments with people that really seemed open and receptive.  We taught Mycah’s referrals that she brought to church again and set baptismal dates as well!  We taught Elma at the end about the law of chastity and she loved and agreed with every part.  She is definitely our golden investigator now.  She is always reading the Book of Mormon and she has a thirst to know it all!  It’s so great.  Her baptism is on the 18th!  Life is good!  My stomach is a bit uneasy, but it’s ok.  We are being watched over here. :)

Dinner appointment!
Elder Christensen
Brandon's stolen Spiderman hoodie :(
Eating rambutan "Dr. Suess fruit" :)

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