Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Elder Christensen in the hospital for Dengue Fever

Hello All-

I just wanted to update you all on the latest news I've heard about Brandon's health.  I saw a post on Facebook late last night, from Sonny (who Brandon taught and baptized back in Tarlac 7 or 8 months ago) that showed him in the hospital.  I FB messaged Sonny who informed me that he had been transferred up to the hospital in Tarlac to get the care he needed there for his dengue fever.  He had been able to visit him and he said that Brandon was doing well.
I then sent an email to the mission office, inquiring about Brandon's health.  The mission secretary then called Brandon at the hospital to see how he was doing and he told her to tell me that he was fine. She emailed me to reassure me that he was doing ok.  I then got an email from Brandon's mission president's wife, Sister Clark, who filled me in even more on his status.
Here is what she wrote:

Dear Sis. Christensen:

I appreciate your concern about your son's health.  I want provide you with some information about what has been happening the past week.

Last weekend we traveled to Baler and spent considerable time with Elder Christensen dealing with his health concerns.  At that time he was experiencing fatigue, headaches and dizziness.  We had him get additional rest over the weekend and continued to monitor his condition through a senior missionary in Baler.  His condition seemed to be improving on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday a rash appeared so it was decided that he go the doctor.  Based on his symptoms, a blood test was taken and dengue fever was confirmed.  Doctors in Baler recommended immediate hospitalization.  We decided to transfer him to Tarlac so we could be closer and he could have a higher level of care.

The mission assistants were dispatched to pick up Elder Christensen and take him to Jecson's Medical Center.  His blood tests there confirmed the diagnosis of dengue fever.  Ironically Elder Christensen was feeling much better, regaining his strength and showing signs of recovery.

Throughout this episode, I have been communicating regularly with our area advisors in Manila.  They instructed that hospitalization is not necessary but we elected to take a conservative approach and have him spend the night in the hospital where he could be monitored.  This evening, we contemplate that he will be released for further care at the home of our assistants.  We will continue to have him go to the hospital for blood tests until we are certain that he is well on his way to recovery and strong enough to resume work.

We will keep you posted if there are any significant changes.  We love Elder Christensen and you can be very proud of the fact that he is a fine missionary!

Sis. Clark

So that is where we are at.  Please continue to pray for his speedy recovery.  Also pray that he might be well enough to go back to his area tomorrow.  He has been teaching the Habala family ever since he arrived in Baler five months ago.  He has taught and baptized two of the daughters and the mom, Elma, is being baptized tomorrow.  From Sister Clark's email, it sounds like they are keeping him in Tarlac until he is completely well (as confirmed by blood tests), but I am hoping that maybe he can get back to his area (which is several hours away unfortunately) for the baptism tomorrow. It's probably a long shot that he'll be able to get back for the baptism, but maybe with our prayers it is possible.

Thank for your love and concern.

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