Monday, October 20, 2014

Please pray for Elder Christensen

Hello All-

Brandon did not write a weekly update this week because wasn't feeling up to it. He did email me to let me know what was going on.  He's had a rough week.  On Thursday he became ill with dizziness, headaches, fever and chills and he is still sick with these symptoms.  He went to the doctor on Monday and she told him it was a viral infection which might be a different strand of dengue fever.  He is to stay down and then return to the doctor on Wednesday. He hasn't been able to really work since Thursday.  
He did push himself on Saturday so that he could go to Pres. Marmaradlo's funeral (in the rain and w/o an umbrella because his broke).  Then he and his comp gave a workshop at zone interviews and then went to the monthly meeting that they have with all of the branch presidents, the district president and his mission president.  He crashed after that.  Sunday he had church and a meeting with their new branch president, Alexies (their former branch mission leader).  He was really hoping to wake up Monday feeling better, but he is not and he is disappointed with what the doctor said. He is starting to feel frustrated and stressed, on top of just feeling really sick.  I know that he would appreciate your prayers at this time.  Hopefully this illness will pass soon and that will help him be in better spirits as well.  He's had some hard experiences these last couple of weeks and now with the illness on top of all that, I think he needs our prayers more than ever. So thank you in advance for your prayers.

Since I don't have a letter or pictures from him to send (he lost his camara cord this week, too), I will attach some pictures that I got from his mission mom.  

Mission Leadership Council elders

Leadership Council dining at the mission home


  1. sonny layug ito elder' sana mareceive mo message ko ' kumusta kana? may google account ko pla,

  2. sister angela you receive my comment ? or not because elder did not revceive my messsage?

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