Monday, March 16, 2015

Good work with less active members-- attending church and referring friends!

Alright!  So last Monday was a solid day for sure!  In the evening we were able to teach Tinay and her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend, Ampeng, was pretty uncomfortable and fidgety at first, but when the Holy Ghost came in, he calmed right down.  We talked about repentance and that was good.  Afterwards we taught a less active boy who came to church last Sunday for the first time in a long time.  He feels he needs to talk to the bishop and some things, but he is scared to, so we were happy to help him out.  Tuesday morning we finalized the house for the sisters!  We finally found one for them!  So that was a relief.  Now our next task is to find one for the new senior couple moving to Tarlac.  We had exchanges with the Capas elders, so Elder Viquera (Elder Armatage’s trainer and my longtime friend) was my companion!  We had such an amazing day planned….and it all fell apart.  But we still managed to squeak out lessons to Al, our less active neighbor Jess and the Evangelista family.  Wednesday was transfer announcements!  Elder Delante and I are still companions, which is what I wanted!  And Elder Olohan and Elder Checketts are staying, too.  Not a whole lot of changes this time around!  In the afternoon we taught Reynaldo, an old contact, and he accepted a goal date on the first lesson and he set the return appointment for when his wife could join as well!  Also we taught Ben about praying to know and he finally accepted a goal date for April 18th!  Yes!  Then we were mega-rejected in the evening from 4 appointments, but we won’t dwell on that! 

Thursday we taught Carlos who hasn’t asked the lawyer about changing the letters of his name on his marriage contract yet, but he said he would soon!  We taught Ami, a less active with her nonmember husband there, Marvin, who really understood and related well with the message of the Restoration.  He said he would read and pray to know ad he even accepted a goal date for April 18th!  Hopefully that goes through.  They’ve got big potential as a family!  Friday morning we headed over to the sisters’ apartment with Elder Weber to take down their spare bunk beds are they are moving hopefully next Tuesday.  That was an adventure!  After that we had exchanges with Elder Choresca in Victoria!  I don’t know, I really like working in Victoria and I especially like working with Elder Choresca.  Their two interviews passed so that’s good news!  We were running a little late all day, but overall it was good.
Exchanges with Elder Choresca

Saturday morning we came back and had weekly planning.  This week we’re planning on visiting 6-8 active member families to help them do missionary work.  That’s our strength in Ward 4, so that’s what we are going to push!  In the afternoon we taught Mina, who is so nice, but she just doesn’t have that real intent, so that’s rough.  We’ll see if this goes anywhere.  Our drunk less active, Brother W, was trying to get us to teach him and to drink soda with him, which was weird.  I don’t know—lots of weird stuff happens in this area that keeps us from teaching the gospel.  After dinner we taught Lolita and Carlos and Carlos promised to go to the lawyer on Monday and we related it to Nephi getting the plates to help inspire him.  We then taught J. and visited a couple members on the way home. 

Sunday started with good news and bad news.  Bad news- no investigators came to church L.  Good news- three less actives came to church!  Michelle, who lives in that far out area that we visited last week, came.  Al, our neighbor who hasn’t been to church in who knows how many years came and Allan Victorio, who is returning to activity just nicely!  In the afternoon we had our SMC with President Clark and President Espinosa, which went well!  Tarlac Stake is planning to split next year, so wards are starting to split and it’s exciting!  We taught Al afterwards, who felt welcomed and happy at church.  After the lesson when we asked if he knew anyone we could teach, he said, “Marami!”(many!)  And then he showed us two of his friends, a couple whose names are Rheyn and Karen, whom we taught and set return appointments with.  Afterwards he showed us a few more people on the way back home.  It was AWESOME.  Such a blessing.  After dinner we taught the Ombac (?) family, a recent convert family who has gone less active a bit, and we challenged them to reset the temple as their goal.  We finished the evening by teaching Steve and Abigail Ong and they are so awesome and nice… They always give us food, too!  Anyway, this week ended with a bang!  And we have a lot to do this next week. 

I’ll leave off with the verse we shared with Al yesterday:  3 Nephi 9:14.  It’s all about coming unto Him.  He’s just waiting to help us and show us the more excellent way.

-Elder Christensen

P.S.  I hope no one gets offended if I don’t respond.  I just never have time to respond to friends anymore and email time is about to get shortened even more.  I’ll try to respond when I can, but it not, we’ll talk when I get back!
Trunky papers :(

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