Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mission buddies, investigators to church and a dead zombie lizard!

Sorry - I've gotten so behind on my journal this week and I forgot to take a picture of I’m just going to give a little update now! Monday we were in a computer shop pretty much all day working on reports, and we got super punted in the evening...We met some people, but we weren't able to teach anyone...Tuesday all of our plans fell through again...but we found out that our investigator Mina came to church last Sunday but because she was late and it was full they just left...but they came to church!!! And Elder Dejino stayed with us the night as he got special permission to fly to Cebu to be sealed with his family, so that was fun! 
With Elder Dejino, who got to fly to Cebu to be sealed to his family :)

District meeting!
Wednesday we went to District 2 for district meeting (Sister Brady was there, go T-wolves!),
and I went on exchanges with Elder Lizano in a bike area! First time! So that was an adventure! 
Thursday I went house hunting and saw my good buddy Elder Westover (Elder Dejino's companion) in the office!
I worked with Elder Eggett in my old area, where we tried to visit Arianne, but she wasn't home yet, and we visited my old buddy Tristan who is now less active. It was fun to show him some places he didn't know about where they could find and work in the future! That night the departing batch slept at the assistant's house, so I got to see Elder Lungay and Elder Tucci again, good friends of mine! 
With his trainer, Elder Lungay, who goes home next transfer

Friday I was back in my area but with Elder Lumogdong, because they had another interview. We taught Ben Saavedra that day, an 18 year old kid who has some real potential! We also were able to visit with the bishop and his family and commit them to lead out in helping other families learn about the gospel, so we have high hopes there! Saturday pretty much all our plans fell through again (every day we come up with great plans to visit different people and do different things, but they always never, ever come to pass! We're lucky if one or two of the appointments actually happen. It's hard to improv and get the results you want!), but we did get a new investigator, Harry, 24 year old kid of a less active couple. We also had a dinner appointment with The Ong family, the wife is a recent convert, and then we visited with an active member family and again shared about sharing the blessings of the gospel with other families!

 Sunday Mina came to church again, as well as Carlos! And we found some long lost less active girls that we taught in the afternoon. We were asked to report and present our results, goals, and plans at the stake bishopric meeting, which went well! In the evening we visited the Garcias, just the picture perfect LDS family, and they were more than happy to commit to helping other families start living the gospel as well. This morning we had a fun district activity, and that brings us to now! Also, I found a dead zombie lizard, so I thought I would send a picture!
Dead zombie lizard

 Life's good though! Crazy busy, but good!

-Elder Christensen
With Sonny!

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