Friday, July 19, 2013

An answered prayer, a small miracle and an angel

Magandang Araw Lahat!

So I only have one story to tell, because honestly it is the only thing that really mattered this week. It is a story of an answered prayer, a small miracle, and an angel. So we were supposed to go proselyting for the first time on Wednesday right? My ankle had been feeling much better. I could play basketball as long as I only moved forward, no cutting you know? (And wearing the brace of course) So the night before I was playing ball and not going hard out or anything. I tried to go around a screen and I rolled my other ankle. Yeah, the other one. I was done, but refused to stop walking on it because I was afraid if I stopped I wouldn't want to start again. It hurt so bad. The nurse said not to put any weight on it. I was back on crutches, but my recovering ankle started to kill because it just couldn't handle all of my weight. I didn't have much choice though, as I live up four flights of stairs with no elevators. I was so frustrated. I prayed really hard that night. I prayed to be healed. The spirit asked me if I had faith, and I said yeah of course! I felt at peace as I went to sleep. However, when I woke up it wasn't any better. I couldn't but weight on it. I knew without a doubt that I wasn't going proselyting. However, the MTC doctor gave me the go! That was a small miracle in itself, as I was not suited for walking around a city for three and a half hours. I decided to take just one crutch, as two would just be too much of a hassle. It was difficult, but I made do. I got put with Elder Hawkins, of Idaho and out for six months, and Elder Echano, from the Philippines and I actually was with him in the MTC for a bit! Anyway, as soon as we got out to the field my ankle was fine. Like I had to climb into a jeepnee, which is like climbing into the back of a pickup. I did it no problem. 
the back of a jeepnee
My other ankle was fine as well. I didn't need my crutch; I straight up wanted to ditch it to be honest. No pain whatsoever. And besides a 20 minute lesson and stopping one guy on the street, all we did was walk. It was a miracle. Even now they're both a little weak, but no pain. It was a straight miracle. And an answer to my prayer.
That being said, proselyting was so hard. No one would respond to me when I would try to stop them. We stopped one guy, and I said, "Do you know of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ?" And then I froze up, forgot everything. It was bad. My companions saved me there and set up an appointment. Our one appointment we did have was terrible; the spirit was not there as her little kid had this devil toy that was the loudest and most irritating thing ever. She didn't follow through on any commitments. I was able to bear my testimony, but she wouldn't look any of us in the eye. I met up with the rest of my district severely underwhelmed with actual missionary work. They all had great experiences! One girl committed two people to baptism and my kasama made an investigator cry then committed him to baptism. Everyone wanted to talk to the sisters. Oh yeah! And everyone I talked to spoke straight Tagalog. The rest of my district spoke taglish! (Like spanglish). I was straight distraught. I felt like the worst missionary ever. I felt like I couldn't do anything. During our summary/wrap up back at the MTC all I could say was that it was so hard. I read D&C 4 and asked myself if I was really qualified for this work. I was having serious doubts about myself. I felt like a bad missionary, a failure. Afterwards, my little Filipina MTC teacher approached me. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Just because you had a bad day doesn't mean you are a bad missionary. I feel impressed to tell you that." I straight lost it, broke down, waterfalls, the whole nine yards. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I told her that, and I knew she was an angel sent to tell me that. I know she was an angel for me. I am so grateful God was looking out for me. I've been fine ever since then, and I can't wait to go out again!

 It's all real guys. Totoo lahat. Miracles, answers to prayers, angels, everything. I am so blessed to be a part of this work.

Mark 10:51-52, D&C 4:5, 2 Nephi 32:3, Romans 8:39

Mahal po namin lahat kayo!

--Elder Christensen 

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