Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Leaving the Philippines MTC....
Hello All!

Today is the day I leave the MTC! I just want to share with you what I've learned in my time here. First thing I learned is to love everyone. I'm not going to lie there were some frustrating people here at the MTC. However, they all have great things about them when you look for them. I have learned to love my leaders, my teachers, the natives, and my fellow missionaries. They all are so phenomenal!

The second thing I learned is how blessed I am. When I have gone out proselyting, these houses are the size of my bed back home, and there's whole families living there. I just can't even believe it. I never want to hear someone from back home complain about what they don't have. Get on your knees and thank your God that somehow in his infinite wisdom he has allowed you to live like royalty while others live in cardboard boxes.

Also, my family is so amazing. Just the various family circumstances that I've seen other missionaries come from makes me so grateful. My companion, for example, had his mom move to America six years ago to make more money for the family, but his parents ended up getting divorced, his Dad just buys McDonalds every day for him and his siblings and doesn't come home for a couple weeks at a time. He has only seen his mom once in the past six years. His whole family is inactive, and he only got active because he and his girlfriend decided to. My family is so amazing. The problems I think I have aren't even problems.

 Another thing I've learned is just how close you can get with people after 40 days and 40 nights together. My kasama is my brother. He really is.  He is the older brother I never had. I love him so much. Just for my parent's information, he is coming over and staying with us after the mission. Just saying. Sister McKim, Sister Rea, and Sister Thomas are my sisters in Zion. They are honestly some of the closest friends I've ever had. They just make me so happy. Sister McKim especially, she is a lot like my sister Ashley, just a few years down the road. She and I clicked super well. My other brothers are Elder Armatage and Naulu. We ball together on the daily! I will miss our hilarious laughs and heart to hearts! They are all my family. Oh also parents, I would like to inform you I will be going to New Zealand after my mission for Elder Mo'unga's wedding. Just a heads up!
Brandon and some of his family (Elder Mo-unga, Sister Rea, & Sister McKim), saying goodbye as they leave the MTC and go to their individual missions in the Philippines

 I would like to bear my testimony in my broken Tagalog now. Ako po si Elder Christensen. Taga Lindon, Utah po ako. Takapaglingkod ni Takapagliktas ko po ako. Ako ay misyonero ng ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling Araw. Alam ko po na totoo ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo. Alam ko po na totoong Aklat ni Mormon. Totoong propeta si Joseph Smith at Thomas S. Monson ngayon araw. Puwede po ang lahat mga tao magiging perpekto sa pamamagitan ng pagbabayad-sala ni Jesucristo. Mahal ko ang Diyos. Mahal tayo ng Diyos. Gusto po Ang Diyos ating bumalik sa siya sa langit. Sa pangalan ni Jesucristo Amen. I love you all so much, and pray for you all!

--Elder Christensen

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