Friday, July 26, 2013

Proselyting was phenomenal!

Brandon's letter this week was mostly a tribute to me for my birthday, so I didn't include that part of the letter (as not to bore you), but here is the rest of what he sent. It may sound a little jumbled up because I was copying and pasting different parts of the letter.  I also attached a picture he sent of him in front of the Manila Temple. He is leaving the MTC for the field on July 31st, so we will not get another email from him for a week and a half.  I'll forward it on once we get it!

 I'm great! My ankles are healing, though the most I've done is play a light game of speed. Companion is great! He's hilarious! Proselyting was phenomenal! I didn't want to come back to the MTC!  Seriously I am so pumped for the field! I love these people at the MTC so much and I will miss them tons, but I can't imagine staying here for much longer. 

I don't have much of a general update this week, as not much happened except for proselyting. I got to go out with Elder Latu, a zone leader in Manila who taught me so much, my MTC kasama, and my teacher Brother Santos. We taught one lesson to a less active (I actually got to teach a good portion of the lesson and it went well! All Tagalog!), and before we could commit him to anything he said he was coming back to church, and his non-member family was coming as well! Such a glorious spirit was in that room! Everyone on the street wanted to talk to us and asked us to play ball.

 So, thank you for your email! I love that scripture, thank you for sharing with me! I hope Christian develops into a fantastic wakeboarder. I'm sorry to hear about Christian's ear, but hey I have something for him! He asked me what his name means inTagalog, which I don't know the answer to. BUT! I do know that Christian in Tagalog is Kristiyano (yeah, spelled like that!)

Oh! I wanted to apologize, I should have never stopped taking piano. All I want to do is play the piano here, but I don't know much! I can read music and such, but it's sad that I can't make the music I want to. You were right, and always have been right, I should have stuck with piano! Let the kids know I say that! They always ask me to play hymns, but I can only do a one handed melody sometimes! Oh that, and I wish I had done choir, because everyone can sing like angels here. So yeah, you can say i told you so! That's so awesome that Sam went into the MTC!  And Nate emailed me about the cousin thing, I'm so pumped we're cousins!

 My companion has only seen his mom once in the past six years. She left for America to make more money for the family, but his parents ended up splitting up and consequently only got to see her once in the past six years. He loves her of course, but I just couldn't imagine not seeing you for that long. I love you so much. My companion is doing much better, even though sometimes I'll look over and he will have fallen asleep.

I love the Manila temple! It is definitely "my" temple now! I love the incredible spirit it brings.

I don't really need anything, and no other mail has arrived, yet!  Well I'm just about out of time now, I love you so much!

Your boy,
Elder Christensen

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