Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello All!

Well, just like that another week has gone by! And the work is moving forward! And I’m LOVING IT! Monday was pretty fun as me and Elder Antoni just kind of chilled with Elders Westover and Gemintiza all day as we did our various P-day errands. Tuesday was interesting. We went back to Sister Mina Castro, who is not doing well. Her and her mom kindly told us to come back next time. Her mom also mentioned how Mina was hardly eating her meals, which usually consist of meat and rice, and if she doesn’t go to the public market to work, they don’t have any other income for food. We mentioned how fruit and vegetables might be better, and asked if she liked that. She said she did, then we left. Me and my companion had the exact same idea, as we went directly to a little supermarket and bought some fruits and vegetables. We brought them back to Sister Mina, who seemed surprised and appreciative. I felt really good that morning, the spirit was ROCKIN. We had some good work in the afternoon, but that was definitely highlight of the day. Oh! And Sonny gave me this Spider-Man water bottle thing he got at Jollibee. It at changes color depending on the temperature of the contents, cool!
Cool Spiderman waterbottle Sonny gave him!

Wednesday we met a less active named Melanie, who lives in the slums, has the most darling little family, but her husband HATES Mormons and Mormonism. In fact, he hates anything but Catholicism and debates with any other religion. Last time she went to church, her husband didn’t come home for two weeks and they had to borrow food from neighbors. He’s ripped apart mga Book of Mormon, and threatened to leave if they go back to the church. We shared with her about the mighty change of heart Alma experienced, and she just has so much hope, saying stuff like, I wish this would happen to my husband, even if he would just listen to you guys one time. Which leads me to a little rant, as this is an international phenomenon: AWESOME LDS GIRLS AND WOMEN, WHY ON EARTH DO YOU GO AFTER ABSOLUTE SCUM?!?!?!? I don’t care if he’s a “bad boy”, this can ruin your life/salvation! AGH! Alright, moving on! 

Thursday we had Zone Training, where the topic was accountability and stewardship. At first I wasn’t feeling so great about myself as a missionary, as they were saying stuff like how we need to give our best all the time, because if we don’t, the sins of those we didn’t help but could have are on our heads. I was pretty worried, like what happens if I’m just not feeling it one day and I don’t do my best? Then as they started talking about it more and I thought about it what my Dad used to tell me every time before a swim meet when I was little: just leave it all in the pool.
Young Brandon "leaving it all in the pool"
I don’t really know why, but that really helps me to think about everyday as an all-out sprint to be the best missionary I can be, then return with honor every night to my Heavenly Father to report on what I’ve done. I love it! The past few days have been AWESOME with this new mindset! We talked to so many people on the street the past few days, and teaching more enjoyable, spiritual lessons—Oh! We had a small miracle! Elmer from the Canlas family during a lesson basically told us not to bother with them anymore, but after the closing prayer he was complaining how his legs were hurting because of boils I think? Anyway, we explained a priesthood blessing and he hurriedly asked for one. After the blessing his heart was softened and he said that they were going to church that coming Sunday. Yes!!! 
Friday was interesting, as we helped plant potatoes with one of our less actives before a lesson, helped proofread Arianne’s English for a student council assignment (she’s doing great by the way!), and a little kid upon seeing me asked his mom, “Mom, is that a human?” I laughed pretty dang hard. We had a good lesson with this teenager  Ralph as we’ve been helping him come back to church. You can just see a glow coming into his countenance! Same with Edwin, who will be baptized on the 17th, you can tell that his testimony is growing! I LOVE IT! Saturday Sonny told us he was having a bit of a problem with his mom, but by Sunday he said it had been worked out. We taught Sister Lina and Jenive, who are our goals for baptism in June, and they are still very receptive, and both so intelligent! They just understand things the first time around! Sunday was good! Fast and testimony meeting is always fun! We had 4 investigators at church! The work was alright in the afternoon. I feel like we could have got at least one more lesson, but we got stuck at this one house for like an hour….oh well! Need to let it go! And we had a delicious dinner to break our fast with the Reyes family again, they are so nice! So yeah! Its super hot and super awesome in the Philippines, and I’m loving my adventure here!
Beautiful sunset!
--Elder Christensen

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