Monday, May 19, 2014

Edwin is baptized!

Hello All!
Here is my weekly update!  Monday night was crazy as we found out that Elder Tsunoda, my kabahay/zone leader had become the new assistant! SO the Assistants were in a threesome, and so were me, Elder Hubbard, and Elder Antoni. So we had to share work in our respective area's this week until Friday when Elder Mosquera, the old assistant, became Elder Hubbard's temporary companion until transfers this Thursday.
SO! Tuesday the work was awesome. We worked in both areas and got 11 lessons combined on the day! The hard part about the day was when Sister Lina, an AWESOME investigator who is currently an active Seventh Day Adventist, has completely closed off her mind that the sabbath can be on any other day but Saturday, so that was really hard...but other than that it was a good day! Wednesday I went on exchanges in Dap Dap, an awesome town up in the mountains, with Elder Sanico!
He's super cool, and we had a blast! I gave an interview and had a spiritual experience where the spirit testified to me that they would indeed be ready by their baptismal date. 

Thursday I interviewed a candidate of Elder Hubbard’s, who is named YOLO FIESTA! Ok, its spelled Eulo, but it is pronounced YOLO FIESTA! He's a funny, bright nine year old, and he has the greatest party name ever. Afterwards we taught Elder Hubbard's investigator Matthew, a 16 year old Chinese kid that was adopted by a American Dad and Filipino mom from Minnesota.  He has the saddest story ever, and he is staying with his aunt here in the Philippines as a punishment by his parents. He is the humblest, nicest guy. He only speaks English, so we taught lesson one in English, which was nuts! He's totally open, and so cool!

 We had a ward home evening, which was so fun! 

Friday was just a pretty normal day actually. We taught a new family that Elder Antoni found when I was in Dap Dap, the Martin family, and they're really open! So that's cool! Saturday was great, not a whole lot of work though! We taught Vanessa, that girl I found last Sunday, and she is SO awesome and receptive!

We just taught a couple of lessons before EDWIN'S BAPTISM!!
It was so awesome, and I got to baptize him! He's such a goof, but he cried a bit during his testimony afterwards. It has been a small miracle to see him baptized, as he has been taught on and off by the missionaries for a year. It was beautiful to see his time come and I am so blessed that I was the instrument in the Lord’s hand that was able to witness it. And, afterwards I gave him his ice cream, as promised. 
Sunday was fun, as we got Nanay Norma going on preparing for her husband who is dead to be baptized for the dead, so they can be sealed in the temple as a family! We had a Stake missionary fireside that took a big part of our day out, but was highly attended and really good. We had a Dinner Appointment with the Venesuela family, and after our sharing portion they gave us five referrals!!!! SO aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!!!
 Today we went to the Bataan Death March Memorial, which was way cool!

And yeah, that's all. Spiritual insight? Just that I love my Jesus, as Nephi said in 2 Nephi 33:6. He guides me and comforts me every step of my journey as a missionary. I love you all!
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