Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Letter from President Martino to Brandon, upon being called as a zone leader

Philippines Angeles Mission
"Where Only the Finest Serve!"

May 21, 2014

Elder Brandon Glenn Christensen

Dear Elder Christensen:

Congratulations on your appointment as a Zone Leader! In accepting this position, you accept a
responsibility of great magnitude. It is exciting and gratifying to see you develop the ability,
faithfulness and obedience required to handle this important stewardship.

You are expected by the Lord and your missionaries to excel in all aspects of the work. Prayerfully
study the responsibilities of your new calling.  The power of your example will be tremendous, so
put forth every effort to magnify your calling and your priesthood.  Gain the respect of your
missionaries and become a source of help for them. Be a light and a servant leader!

You now have a major impact on the success of the Angeles Mission as well as upon the development
of many missionaries.   It will also be an invaluable experience to you now and throughout your
life.  Use this experience to grow by helping others grow.

I am informing your family of this accomplishment. I know they will be most pleased with your
appointment as a Zone Leader. Continue faithfully in all aspects of the work and enjoy the
blessings the Lord has waiting for you in this new position.  Sister Martino and I look forward to
the opportunity of working more closely with you in this new assignment.


David C. Martino

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